Quast Party 97
 Between 1-st and 3-rd of  September 1997 in Orneta city had been Quast Party '97 - all Atari users copy party. As usually everyone, who wanted to get in, had to fill-in a form and paid 25 zl... After this routine everyone could start unpacking his stuff and enjoying the Party!
  The organization was much better than last year. The main open planned for 12:12 was on 12:12! Of course the main aim of this Party were competitions. Here are all planned categories and sub categories:

* 8-bit [Atari XL/XE]
* 16-bit [Atari ST/STE]
* 32-bit [Atari Falcon030]

MSX Compo:
* 8-bit
* 16-bit (4 channel)
* 32-bit (multi channel)

GFX Compo:
* 8-bit
* 16-bit
* 32-bit

Intro Compo:
* 8-bit (16 KB)
* 16-bit (96KB)
* 32-bit (4 KB & 128 KB)

Demo Compo:
* 8-bit (520 KB)
* 16-bit (2,7 MB)
* 32-bit (7,2 MB)

See ya on QuaST Party '98!
Alex/Bit Busters